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This story relates to one of my closest friend, Patsa. She is an energetic, fun-loving, caring, and friendly lady. Patsa is a great human being and a kind-hearted woman too. She was an intelligent student throughout her academics. And moreover, she always has an immense passion and enthusiasm of being an artist. She had always kept herself engaged with loads of artistic activities during her college days. She could draw remarkable oil paintings, painted various kinds of modern fine arts, created loads of sumptuous crafts & magnificent designs and much more. She was also an expert in creating chic bridal shower invitations, e-cards, birthday invitations, and banners etc.

She completed her graduation in the year 2001 from Harvard University. Then she decided to become a professional artist in her career. She always had an innovative and creative mind, hence eventually she got a quick success in her career too. Soon, she got an invitation to complete a 14-day rigorous training program under the supervision of famous art experts from a prestigious art organization of United States. She completed her training with flying colors and received the lifetime membership from that art club. Her life was perfectly balanced, and she was pretty happy about her life and her career.

She eventually got married to another artist, John from the same art organization. John is indeed a great artist like Patsa. They have a great compatibility, good understanding, mutual love, respect, and care for each other. Things were completely smooth and perfect till then. But soon, Patsa's life got completely changed because of a dreadful disease. And that dreadful and terrible disease is Alzheimer's, the most common cause of dementia. She was only 34, and unfortunately this curse completely ruined her life & career and her condition got worse day by day. Initially, it started with her frequent memory loss issues, but slowly she suffered from some serious intellectual disabilities which severely interfered her daily life.

Her husband, John, and her family took her for medical surveillance. But unfortunately, Alzheimer's doesn't have a complete cure treatment process or permanent remedy till date. Hence the doctors were able only to stop the disease from being progressive. The medication process temporarily slowed down her dementia symptoms and improved the quality of her regular life. Fortunately, her family was always very supportive towards her and they look after her well-being. With their continuous care, attention, support, and assistance, she is now recovering back to her normal life and leading a healthy lifestyle.

As her condition is better now, Patsa and John have decided to bring a new member into their family. She has become pregnant and expecting her first baby within a month or two. To celebrate her wellness and this auspicious moment, her family members, closest friends, generous colleagues, and well-wishers are organizing a grand baby shower program on next week. They have already distributed the cute cheap baby shower invitations they picked out among the numerous guests. Patsa is pretty happy and really glad about all these arrangments. And it's merely a little effort that her family and friends are collectively doing to make her happy, to feel more confident, more independent, and help her to get back into the life she earlier has.


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